Monday, September 16, 2013

Over the Wedding (guest) Dress Hurdle

I went right up and over it. I had to stretch myself, and push some people down (just the ones in my head telling me to get a new dress, crazy!), but I made it. And it wasn't that hard. (It actually turned out to be a perfect flowing choice given the menu: fried chicken, filet mignon, mac 'n cheese and some other green stuff.) I wore a dress I love from my closet, and I had the best time! I felt confident, comfortable and well-dressed. Take a peek:

Black Asos high-low dress
My hardware: Stella & Dot (for more info contact Suzy at
Nude Delman pumps


The bride! Ms. Rachel Cannon was breathtakingly, tear-jerkingly (literally, I cried when she appeared), drop-dead gorgeous. She married Noah Engh in a custom design by Mark Zunino, who currently has a bridal line at Kleinfelds. Her beautiful gown featured vintage lace and beading on top with a plunging (did I mention PLUNGING?) neckline in front and back. The bottom was matte jersey with a 3-ft. train. Her hair piece was BHLDN and her sexy shoes were "Stingray" heels by Ralph Lauren. Rachel's diamond earrings and bracelets were on loan from Claude Morady in Beverly Hills. Hair and makeup by Rachel Stolte. Perfection.

 Fun in a Frame: Me, Rachel, Shawna
  Patrick & I at the wedding
Besides the main event, my husband, another couple and I crammed tons of fun into the wedding weekend, including a pre-wedding rooftop party and tons of shopping on Rodeo, at the Grove and on Abbot Kinney. This was challenging. I was shopping, but I wasn't buying. It was funny (and sweet) how my girlfriend, Shawna, and my husband felt sorry for me! Shawna suggested a caveat to my commitment, which would be that the entire challenge only applies when I'm in St. Louis. Love her, but no, that's cheating. My husband thought it would be okay if he bought me a gift while there...a gift I should pick out for myself and receive for no reason. A gift that would be paid for by our joint get the idea. Love him, but no, that's cheating too. I'm definitely not saying I won't accept gifts (yes, you're reading that correctly, let me know if you need my address), it just can't be from our bank account and for no reason. I'll be desperate and encouraging the hubs to give me a fix by Christmas! In addition to shopping, the four of us rode TANDEM bikes from the Santa Monica pier to Venice Beach. This was an exercise in "team building" that we don't plan to duplicate. I kept telling my husband it was like "Three's Company" and he finally said, "they crashed that bike in the end!" (I'm not sure that's accurate, but you're feeling the vibe, right?) We ate tons of great food too, including lunch at one of my faves, Primitivo Wine Bistro. If you're ever in the area, don't skip it.
On the roof of the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills
Me & P having a pre-wedding drink

Our friends, Shawna and DeBray, me & P

My favorite find while there. Carter Leather Bodice Ball Gown by Alice & Olivia. (they styled it with a belt in the store) Somebody should buy this, STAT. *side note: when you go to and sign up for emails, it says, "repeat after me: I deserve new clothes." Love it.
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  1. I enjoyed this very much. It sounds like you guys had a wonderful time and got to experience one of my favorite places, Venice Beach! You all look fabulous--great pictures!

  2. That A+O dress is to DIE for. We need to go shopping together.