Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fancy A Plum? Skirt. And Other Pretty Things...

Sometimes we use this word (see below) for things that actually aren't extremely impressive or attractive, but this is arguably one of the most stunning ensembles I've ever laid eyes on. It's not for everyone (I know we're not all into ball skirts, but perhaps we should be), in fact it's currently only available in a size 4, but it's for somebody, and I hope I know them. Please buy it, pair it with the blouses shown or something equally gorgeous, get dressed up like a million bucks (or $900 at least - it's on sale!) and take a selfie because I want to see! 
  1. 1.
    extremely impressive or attractive.
    "she looked stunning"

solid, full-length skirt

You could even wear this with a cropped sweater if you wanted to "dress it down" a bit. No, I couldn't possibly. YES, you can. Look:

A pinterest inspiration pic for one
of my clients. I'm not sure where this
look came from. When I saw it, I fell hard.

Where will I wear this look? Everywhere. Okay, not everywhere, but to your holiday parties, galas, charity auctions and weddings. And maybe just around your house a little? For fun? Send me a pic.

Wondering where to get a well-made, sophisticated cropped sweater/top that shows just a bit of skin? So is everyone else. Good luck to you. If you see one you like offered in your size, snatch it up immediately. I received an email from shopbop the other day, and within 30 mins the cropped top on the email was sold out. People are quick-draw, gunslinger-like serious with their mouses, trackpads, fingers, whatever. Don't hesitate, it will be gone. This will be a great investment piece when you find it. There are so many great high-waisted options right now that pair perfectly with cropped tops. Below is a great example of how putting a cropped top over a dress completely changes the look.

sold-out winter white cropped top from the Shopbop email (left)

If you're looking for a cocktail dress that won't break the bank, try this fun and flirty frock from Jack Wills, Lanting Dress $238:

This is a fantastic choice for this holiday season and beyond. And it has pockets! It goes perfect with the black pumps you probably already own. Done. Erin by Erin Fetherston Lace-Bodice Combo Party Dress, $330:

One more, just for fun! This dress is for work and play. It's perfect for a party with colleagues or NYE. Throw a blazer over it, add some black tights and booties, and it's office-ready. Asos Metallic Panel Shift Dress, $99.82:

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