Monday, January 6, 2014

A Guide to Closet Staples

Now is the time to purge your closet of things you never wear because they are faded, out-dated or don't fit properly and buy some quality closet staples that always look great, go with everything and will show off accessories you've carefully chosen, invested in and accumulated over the years (wait, have you been doing this?).  If your white tee has a camo pocket and a gold chain, chances are, you're not going to wear it very often (never is my hope…it's an item I actually just saw on sale, please don't buy it).

While there are exceptions to every rule, here are some general guidelines to shopping for staples:
  • Having black in your closet is very helpful, but your closet staples don't have to be black. Denim, cream, white, grey, navy and black are perfect for staples. 
  • If the garment has cutouts or embellishments, typically, it's not a staple.
  • Bright prints and bold patterns aren't staples.
  • Look for things that are multi-seasonal: denim, shirts with sleeves that roll, garments that can be worn alone or as a layer.
Honestly, if it's super memorable, other than how great it fit you, it's not a staple. A staple is something you can wear over and over, while completely changing up how you wear it or what you wear it with.

Keep your eyes peeled for classic pieces like this:

A Guide to Closet Staples

A Guide to Closet Staples by krissifarrimond

  1. If you can find your size, this is a great time to buy a coat.
  2. If you see something online at Nordstrom, but they don't have your size, call a store and ask them to do a last-in-the-company check. I assume this works for lots of stores, but I've only done it one million times at Nordstrom.
  3. Preserve your closet staples by dry-cleaning as few times as possible, re-shaping, smoothing and laying flat to dry. If you have a "hand wash" setting on your washer, use it.

Topshop high neck dress

Diane Von Furstenberg white blouse
$245 -

Silk top

Comptoir Des Cotonniers black top
$110 -

Madewell denim shirt

Trouvé purple blazer

Paige Denim blue jeans

Ted Baker denim jeans

Madewell ponte pants

L K Bennett pencil skirt
$99 -

Rag & Bone black leather boots
$640 -

Cole haan boots

Ralph Lauren belt


  1. Yes, please. I'll take one of everything. Except for that Chloe top because it's SOLD OUT! boohoohoohooo! sob. sob. sob.

  2. Krikki - you know if it is camouflage I own it.....I think of your "no shopping" pledge every time I am in a store...and cry a little on the inside for you. I have taken up the challenge of trying to work my closet in new and fun ways. Well, I think they are fun -- the hubs just shrugs his shoulders and gets in the car. :)