Sunday, October 6, 2013

St. Louis Fashion Week Project: Design

Cocktail hour, held in a room chock full of St. Louis Fashion's "who's who," was buzzing with excitement for Project: Design. A contest for emerging designers who would leave their guts on the floor of the runway upstairs.

I was lucky enough to tag along with Suzy Bacino backstage to meet all the designers while they pitched their collections to the judges before the show started. This was my favorite part. Not because I saw fashion I couldn't live without (although there are a few things I can't get out of my head), but because these courageous people were laying their hearts on the line as they described each collection, why they made it, what it represents, what inspired it and how they hope it makes us feel. The collections were wildly adventurous and unique. From thrift store clothes cut up and re-sewn to other vintage clothes to translucent coats to beautiful, bright African fabrics to dresses made from hand-molded felt and wool (seriously these were only one piece, no seams. Q Liu HAND MOLDED THE PIECES. It's actually called felting.), they were all making a statement. And the statement was, "Pick me!"

Miita (visit won 1st place. Their collection is incredibly cool, especially their coats. I want one. The coats are translucent vinyl, which is perfect for people who love their outfits because wearing a Miita coat means never leaving the house wearing only your coat. People do that, right?

my favorite of the whole show, the vinyl coat. wish you could feel it

meet Miita
Kristen Carsrud & Angela Brigioni

Q Liu, the designer gifted with felting, was awarded second place. Her collection is very impressive and unlike anything I've ever seen. Each peace is seamlessly molded by hand and portrays a bird on the front. The birds were not painted, but felted into shape as well. Unbelievable works of art.

my favorite piece in her collection

meet Qun Liu

Other designers at Project: Design were Abaya Drake, who won the people's choice award, Maria Silver, Lauren Bander, Elise Lammert and Spansen Files. It was a great night, full of things fresh and new. It's a rare and wonderful thing to find something new.

floating shoes -  Is this what heaven is like?

Before heading to the show. I know, I know, I'm ASOS obsessed.
Asos dress, Banana Republic booties, YSL clutch
necklace & bracelets: Stella & Dot

Quin loves the BR booties too



  1. Amazing! The felted frocks are fantastic & your coverage is wonderful. ~ Humble Reader

  2. Fun!! I have enjoyed reading about and seeing these new wonderfully creative designs. I especially enjoyed and will never grow tired of seeing, the tiny diva in her element. Who knows, she might actually be a future designer at work.

  3. So much having having you with me, as always. Fashion is meant to be shared and discussed as much as worn, and you always have something noteworthy (and entertaining) to say!